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Traditional food taste of Uttarakhand is similar to its people, simple yet incredible. The two distinct regions, Kumaon and Garhwal offer palates of flavorsome dishes that are high on nutrition as well. The food  of the state is meticulously chosen to not only offer delight the taste buds but also to make most of the resources available. Where great care is taken to include all the necessary elements to keep one well-prepared for the tough climate and trails, special attention is paid to maintaining the look and taste of the dishes as well. A balanced flavor is the key to authentic Uttarakhand cuisine that is mostly cooked over slow fire and consists of lentils.

Although Kumaon and Garhwal are divided in different regions; they unite as one in its methods of cooking and the choice of ingredients. There are also several dishes that two regions are common but have different names.

  Nutritious Sisunaak-sag        

The major ingredients responsible for adding the taste and incredible aroma to the food of Uttarakhand are varied lentils that are exclusive to the state and variety of flours that come from barley and buck wheat. The dishes in Garhwal deeply connects to its people, the food is prepared with the right amount of spices, which only entices one to savour it.

Aha ! taste Phaanu
Aha ! taste Phaanu


Phanu, Kafuli, Thechwani, Chainsoo, Jholi, Gahat ke Paranthe, Roat and Baadi are some of finger-licking Garhwali dishes. Meanwhile in Kumaon, Aaloo Gutuk, Dubke, Thathwani, Kaapa, Chudkani, Jaula and Sisunaak Saag are the mouth-watering presentations. The side dishes in Uttarakhand are equally important and therefore are prepared with utter care, Bhangeera ki Chutney, Mooli Thechuwa and Hara Namak are some of the sides that add to the flavour of main course meals. Concluding the gastronomic journey in Uttarakhand are its melt in mouth deserts, of which Singal-Puha, Jhangora ki Kheer, Singodi and Baal Mithai are few prelude. One noticeable and worthy of trial is Sanaa Hua Nimbu, which is by far the clear attention grabber in the palatable cuisine of Uttarakhand.

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  1. No matter technologies have made our life easy however our life style and food habits are making our life hell as well. Now time has come to get back to our roots / traditional food to keep us fit & healthy. Article is very crucial to keep our eyes open to look back the traditional/dehati taste of Uttrakhand.

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